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                                  Welcome to Kinkalteck Website!! Sweep, the content is more wonderful
                                  Flycut cold sawing series
                                  With 16 years cold sawing experiences, Kinkalteck has set up a professional team to develop cold sawing application know-hows. With handful of field cold sawing application, Kinkalteck has established a data bank of cutting applications which helps customers to improve productivities and minimize production cost.
                                  Kinkalteck Flycut cold saw PTF series
                                  1. Compact design, weight reduced carriage design
                                  2. Max saw blade usage
                                  3. Meets high speed mill production needs
                                  4. Meets high quality cutting needs, no burrs cut, no scratch on tube surface
                                  5. Quality control system, MES ready, Industry 4.0 ready; mature control software enhance easy operation
                                  6. Tube mills: Precision automotive tubes, high tensile strength tubes; high speed production commercial tubes, furniture tubes
                                  Kick for details
                                  High speed precision automatic circular saw
                                  Kinkalteck has been agent for circular saws and circular saw blades from Germany, Italy, Holland, Japan and Taiwan. These are the brands:
                                  Kaltenbach Circular saw, Simec circular saw, Sinico Machine tools, Kentai circular saw, Kinkelder HSS and TCT circular saw blade,
                                  Kanafusa TCT circular saw blade, Julia HSS and TCT circular saw blade, Stark HSS and TCT circular saw blade
                                  Kinkalteck jointed with European partners develop unique cold sawing solution for the customers in bar cutting and tube cutting processing lines
                                  1. Multihead cutting systm with auto debur and packing system
                                  2. Multicut system with debur, washing system for auto parts shock absorbent
                                  3. Tube Cutting, chamfering, washing and length checking system
                                  4. Tube cutting, chamfering, bending, robot welding car seat system, wheel chair making line
                                  5. Bar cutting,chamfering and robot picking and stacking system
                                  6. Cutting, punching, bending, marking and robot pick and stacking system for bus frame making system
                                  7. Multihead cutting a 50m long T-bar rail system

                                  Kick for details
                                  Circular saw blade and cutting consumables supplies
                                  We representing named brand circular saw blasdes such as: Kanafusa, Kinkelder, Julia and Stark; we keep stocks for you. We have over 10,000 pcs stocks of HSS and TCT sawblades. Besides, we offer HSS and TCT blades resharping services in 4 services centers in China. We sell over 20,000 saw blades a year and resharping over 100,000 blades a year. We also supply mist spray oil for regular metal cutting and stainless steel cutting; and other circular sawing consumbles.
                                  Business Scope
                                  Kinkalteck products for Industry application
                                  Contact Nr. +86 512 5817 1800
                                  Email: info@kinkalteck.com
                                  Address: #17 Changxing Road, Zhangjiagang City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, PR China
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